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End the Unjust Denial of Constitutional Rights
in Harris County, throughout Texas, and the United States!

Constitutional Civil Rights Attorney

Umeka "UA" Lewis

Proven Fighter, Undeniable Advocate, Shining Lights in Dark Corners



Post Election-Social Media Post

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In December 2023, Umeka UA Lewis courageously embarked on her political journey as a first-time candidate for the Harris County Attorney's Office. On January 15, 2024, she began actively campaigning on MLK day after attempting to negotiate change with the incumbent first. She successfully captured the attention of the public, securing over 45,000 votes, which constituted 30% of the total vote count at the end of the campaign on March 6, 2024. Remarkably, she managed this feat on a modest budget of less than $5000.00 without seeking any donations or the backing of any mainstream endorsements. Her campaign spanned a little over 12 weeks. She campaigned on the issues detailed below and continues to uphold her commitment to these issues, as she has consistently done, with the objective of dismantling systemic oppression. 

Constitutional Rights Matter!!!

  • End Qualified Immunity, which allows those who violate the constitutional civil rights of another to be protected from accountability. 

  • Protect vulnerable people: Seniors and the disabled from abuse by caregivers; Adult Protective Services and guardians; children from abuse by caregivers and Child Protective Services;  inmates from jail violence and abuse; and animals. 

  • Filing, instead of threatening lawsuits on behalf of Harris County for the benefit of its citizens, against businesses that commit fraud and violate consumer rights, including discrimination, environmental rights, and the rights of homeowners and renters. Encouraging the outsourced litigation to experienced minority and small plaintiff law firms as third-party litigators and defensive litigation. 

  • Protect Harris County Officers and Employees who follow Harris County policies and practices from exposure to lawsuit judgments with insurance and indemnification.

  • Allow public access to government open records and open courts. Stop denying the release of surveillance and body-worn camera footage of the public interest.

  • Proactively protect voter rights, stop political interference with providers' ability to give patients quality, medically accurate reproductive and required health care, and form a reparations investigation task force.

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Civil Rights Attorney Umeka UA Lewis

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