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Civil Rights Attorney
Umeka "UA" Lewis

Proven Fighter
Undeniable Advocate
Shining Lights in Dark Corners

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Civil Rights Attorney Umeka UA Lewis

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  • End Qualified Immunity, which allows those who violate the constitutional civil rights of another to be protected from accountability. 

  • Protect vulnerable people: Seniors and the disabled from abuse by caregivers, Adult Protective Services and guardians; children from abuse by caregivers and Child Protective Services; and inmates from jail violence and abuse.

  • File lawsuits on behalf of Harris County for the benefit of its citizens against businesses that commit fraud and that violate consumer rights, environmental rights, homeowner and renters rights. 

  • Protect Harris County Officers and Employees who follow Harris County policies and practices from exposure to lawsuit judgments.

  • Allow public access to government open records.

  • Continue to protect voter rights and stop political interference with providers' ability to give patients quality, medically accurate reproductive and required health care.

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Civil Rights Attorney Umeka UA Lewis

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