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Proven Fighter

Undeniable Advocate

Shining Light in Dark Corners


I have decided to run for Harris County Attorney because I have found it disheartening that no substantial changes have been implemented since former County Attorney Vince Ryan's departure, in 2021. The County Attorney's office has been fervently advocating for qualified immunity, which denies justice for people whose constitutional rights have been violated, a stance that has only intensified since 2021. 

There is also a distressing trend by the Harris County Attorney's office of double victimization against Harris County citizens, whom the county has already wronged, and it is a cause for concern. Even straightforward incidents like car crashes involving county employees turn into battles instead of being amicably resolved quickly. This is not even considering avoidable crashes resulting from dangerous police chases.

The routine denial of open government records requests and attempts to hinder transparency are also troubling to me. Families are being barred access to autopsy reports of their loved ones and have had to wait years to find out the details of their deaths under the guise of a criminal investigation. This is unacceptable. The office has even gone to the extent of filing lawsuits to prevent the release of public records. Harris County has not shown the same zeal in filing lawsuits against those who have violated the rights of Harris County citizens.

Those who exploit consumers, environmental violators, and many other issues are going unchecked. The office may be ill-equipped, but this is a task outside the plaintiff's counsel can easily undertake, and I know and have worked with the best Plaintiff's lawyers.

On the other hand, there will be no hesitation when the need arises to defend a lawsuit brought against Harris County or its employees. However, outside defense firms will likely be engaged, particularly with the office's recommendation to the County Commissioner to secure liability insurance coverage for Harris County officers and employees that other Texas county employees enjoy. Insurance would guarantee that County employees do not risk losing everything for performing their duties within the scope of their employment, following Harris County's policies and procedures. It also alleviates the conflicts of interest currently faced by officers, with the same attorneys representing them and Harris County.







"GOOD TROUBLE!"-John Lewis 

As an individual, my record of advocating for the community cannot be denied. I have rolled up my sleeves, along with my other unsung fierce fighting colleagues, and have tirelessly championed the cause of justice, not merely through words in public speech but through actions. I am on the battleground for the rights of unarmed Black men across Texas unjustly injured by law enforcement. I have stood up for the disabled, the elderly, children, parents, workers, and the marginalized in Harris County and throughout Texas. We have faced intense opposition, serving as the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves in the courts. I have even risked personal freedom, facing potential arrest for contempt, in our pursuit of rights for tenants grappling with homelessness, and victims of abuse of power.


I have remained steadfast, refusing to compromise on the promises enshrined in our constitution, acting as the voice of the voiceless willing to get into "necessary trouble". The current Harris County Attorney claims to be an advocate for LGBTQ rights but the Harris County Attorney's office fought against a transgender woman when she tried to stand up for her right to bodily integrity after she tried to use the women's facility but was made to put her genitals on display to a stranger to prove her transition was complete. Every woman and man is entitled to receive dignified and respectful treatment as a human being and not be demeaned. The first civil rights case that thrust me into this fight was for Jesse Jacobs, a gay male, who died in jail on his seventh day in custody because the jail denied him his medication. In 2020, Pride Houston bestowed me with a medal due to my advocacy work.


We owe it to our ancestors to expect more than mere politeness and pleasant political buzzwords from those who come to us with the body, who might look the part but do not have the right spirit or strength within to make the necessary changes required for Harris County that have been demanded for decades. “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”  

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